La Parisienne Bakery (Morro Bay)

by Debi

La Parisienne Bakery in Morro Bay is a must stop for anyone visiting town, and especially those lucky enough to live here!  I was a late adopter to this fine bakery, but now that I have discovered it, I can’t seem to get enough.

All of their specialty pastries have been fabulous; crispy croissants, rich and delicious fruit fillings and creams.  I have tried some of the specialty baguettes made daily, and they were delicious as well. Just the right amount of toppings, and a firm and wonderful texture.

Known especially for the fruit tortes (at least in my circle of friends), you can’t go wrong with any number of choices they offer. Strawberry, mixed fruit, seasonal pear, and may more – it is indeed hard to decide which one is best!

Most recently though, I discovered the awesome and filling breakfast sandwiches.  They are some of the best I’ve had.  Choose either a fresh baked croissant or baguette, and then what you want inside. I can’t decide which I like better, so you’d better order one of each!  The fillings vary, from goat cheese and spinach, to sauteed onion with egg. So many choices, so little time!

I am told the home made soups are the bomb too – going to be heading back to give them a try SOON!

Check them out:

1140 Front St.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
805- 772-8530

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